Advice directly from CYBERSECURITY EXPERT!

CyberSecurity facts!


  1. You can’t become q expert in cybersecurity doesn’t matter if you choose any cybersecurity degrees or certificate

  2. There are different fields in cybersecurity so you need to focus on that, but if you want to master all the fields then you need to give 50 60 years. choose your field, you can master 2-4 fields but not all. like a web application, mobile application, system, cloud, etc.

  3. In my opinion 90% of cybersecurity degrees don’t teach you the real things like penetration testing, red teaming, etc. they just teach you laws, working or cybersecurity or some basic practical skills.

  4. If you have a cybersecurity degree it looks good for resume or HR point of view but knowledge :-1: + some times certificate beat degree in interview/resume

  5. If you want to do a degree I will suggest computer science, B.Tech. or other tech fields, etc.

  6. There are some Universities which are good but still not that you could give 2-3 years for that.

  7. You can learn better yourself with free community, course, blogs, videos, THM, HTB + some paid like pentestrlab/THM/HTB and certification.

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where is anof btw(-_-)

ahh i guess he left tg still active in discord.
He once said that he won’t be using tele much

yeah i too haven’t seen him for long