Anonymity, Privacy, and Security!

Water, fire, air and dirt.
Anyway, how’s it going. I’m here today to discuss the difference between the three things I have in the title. Be sure to join Cybernity for more updates like this.

Anonymity is the concept of doing things without your identity being revealed. Many solutions claim to offer this, such as vpn companies, but think about all the transaction data you give them. Not exactly anonymous. Using tor is a start but windows itself is a known spyware in its own right, so you need to know how to pick a guest OS. For the truly paranoid I suggest Qubes-Whonix, but for most I suggest Mint-Cinnamon or Mint-XFCE with the tor-browser.

Privacy is the ability to do something without anyone knowing what you are doing. Encrypting an email so no one can intercept it is privacy. Most people automatically use fairly half decent privacy in their day to day lives, such as SSL, but some further steps you can take are to use GnuPG for your non-encrypted communication. I have a public key you can DM me for at any time.

Security is being able to do something without malicious interference. When you combine aspects of anonymity and privacy, you get the best of the best in security solution practicality, what with your minimal footprint and your hard as steel defenses on privacy with GPG, SSH, and more.

To conclude, no, they aren’t the same thing.