Categories, Topics, Rooms, Groups, Discussion, Blogs, Tutorials, Trust Levels, Badges and many more... WHAT ARE THESE?


These are the Major Divisions that you see on our home page

Community, Blogs, Tutorials, About-us.

In any URL, the category is denoted by /c, such as for our Community Category, because /forum is the link for it.


These are the Sub-Divisions which are situated inside the Categories

Guide is a Sub-Category inside a Category named “Tutorials”

The same applies for URL denotation in here too


These are the small Rooms where one can start their topic/questions/ or anything to discuss with other members

This, that you are reading now is a Topic inside a Sub-Category named Guide which is situated inside the Category called Tutorials

Here Topic is denoted by /t, such as


As just said above, it’s nothing but Topics, [just repeated to clear some doubts]


This is a place to start your Discussion on Any Technical Topic that you are interested in!
Or to Discuss about other topics that somebody else has started!


This is a place where you can go dump your non-Technical thoughts/ Jokes/ or literally anything that you ever want to post!

Site Feedback

Here you can give your feedbacks on our site and help us improve it!


This is a place where you can find Interesting and useful Blogs filled with Knowledge!

  • Are you wondering of…

‘How a member can contribute in Blogs?’

Then Don’t Think Too Much!
Just go to #forum:discussion and post your content there and tag us in the reply. The content worth of the effort will be transferred to Blogs Category!

You dont have to worry about Editings’ at all, because we are here for it, so that you can JUST Post Raw text (with images as per your needs), and Rest upon us!! :star_struck::+1:

What are you waiting for?? Get your Identity of a BLOGGER Started Right Now on !!


This basically has 3 Sub-Categories, namely

Videos | Courses | Guide


Here you will be able to most of the content from YouTube and also other videos too… So basically just Video Tutorials.


Here you can get huge amount of courses with Quality as well as Quantity!


Here you can get Text Tutorials which might be on solving any error which occurs most commonly, or small walkthrough, or Basically HOW-TO…

About us

This is a place where we will be updating everytime whenever we notice new chances within ourself.

Trust Levels

These are the Levels that Members are divided through and Each Trust Level has it’s own new features which avails an user to be able to use it once they attain that particular Trust Level!


Users are divided into groups as Members, Moderators, Admins, and many others which will be mentioned in user profiles.


These are the different Badge given to an user when they achieve something by completing certain tasks [this, you might complete it knowingly or unknowingly but it’s worth having the badges on your user profile].

So, Finally at the last but not the least…
This isn’t over!

There are lots of Amazing and Mind Blowing Feature which are Useful, Easy, and even with Entertainment!

Stay tuned with this Guide to know more about this Beautiful Place!..

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The next Part will be released shortly and the link will also be posted here!!

Till then… Ciao!

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