Coding Curiosity

If you had a chance to learn a new language WHAT would you choose and WHY?

  • Python
  • C
  • C++
  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • Javascript
  • C#
  • Rust
  • Go

If you wanted to get a job, which would you choose?


Rust go or kotlin the reason is i am loving these by there names if it was a work from home job i would’nt think of how much the salary is it was okay even if it was the avrg

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Well I would surely advise you to learn rust since I am loving it.

c++ (thus c already included)

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Umm… Rust
Because Memory safe (:cold_face: No java here) and no runtime errors (i think)(i have experienced a state where i sit and think what the hell is happening in my code (C++) :joy::joy:)

But doesn’t have OOP things :neutral_face: but has some OOP features (polymorphism, inheritance, etc…)

#1 C++ (My favorite)
#2 Rust
#3 Python


C++ as a base!


Damn everyone wants c++
My favourite would be rust since I only know that. :joy:
Why do people like c++ so much? Why not something like Go or rust??
I know it depends on people but theres got to be a reason!!

It’s because of

2.The full power of the program is in our hands
3.understanding and
4.obviously experience (we are used to it)

Ohh what about lib support? comparing with rust

Yup as Rust is relatively young Rust and has less libs than C++ in it’s cargo

As time goes it, the number will increase

exactly… wow you here good to see you

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@Tamilanth answered it very well so i don’t think it needs some extra stuff to be added