Degree v/s Skill

Should I go for a college degree or should I focus on skills? Well I will tell you my opinion on this.

Go for skills. The hiring system in most countries is trash. We see that they require a certain basic degree to apply for the job. But just don’t let that stop you. They do this just so that the applications do not pile up. If you feel like you’re fit for the job, just apply. Think about this, If you focus on college they will teach you some theoretical stuff so that you can write exams. The college syllabus is clearly not meant for getting you a job in the tech field. When you learn stuff yourself, you have the option of either growing in it or can even drop it if you don’t like it.

This applies to anything in the tech field. You might think that you will get a job as a Pentester by having a cybersecurity degree, but we should realize that the companies out there don’t want to hear what you learnt in college. They might probably give you some machines to hack or check your Github/Gitlab profile if you are applying for a programming job. So it is perfectly clear that degrees won’t land you a high paying job, but your hard work will.


degree is just a proof u have skills (90% of the times)

skills what matters


true words

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let them both go hand in hand. But remember by hand in hand i mean that the level of learning skills should over write degree thing. Because we live in india and we have to accept this that in our country degree’s matter more than skills. So keep the ratio of skills and degree as 7:3 this way chances will increase for employments.

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Yes it is a bit difficult in the case of India but still it all depends on how you charm the interviewers. You can show them your skills and be done with it but unfortunately there is no way for us to show our skills in a four walled room in less than half an hour. I come from Kerala in India and here companies are moving to skill based selection…An example would be Crossroads where they train people with skills and they accept money after they get a decent job as a programmer. But yes as you said we have a lot to improve as a country in terms of the hiring process.

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