Garuda Linux... My Experience

Well… Garuda *nix is exactly the experiance that I try to avoid when it comes to an OS.

Saw a video on it, thought I would try it out.

First attempt

First, dropped the ISO onto my handy dandy Ventoy drive. Ventoy picked it up, boot started, all was well, then it just… hung.

Attempt 1.5

So… no Ventoy, cool, let’s flash the image (like Parrot!). I flash the ISO onto another drive, slap that bad boy into mai lappy top, no dice. WTF Garuda? Same issue, hangs at the same spot even.

Ok, I tried the “BlackArch” version, as I wanted to see what it came with, as the site advertises “2600 packages preinstalled” and… well more on that later.

Second Attempt, new ISO

Switched ISOs, thinking, "let me use the mainline, fully supported, KDE/Arch distro. Tried on Ventoy, which boots almost anything that I throw at it.

No dice. Tried the “free” drivers, still hangs on boot.

What the actual fuck Garuda. You have fancy screenshots, an amazing, modern website, but your distro is a pig to work with.

Third time, the charm.

Went back to the “BlackArch” ISO, cuz I really want both KDE and Arch to impress me. I want it so bad it hurts. Linux is known for it’s “fanboy” mentality with regards to Desktop Enviroments, and base Distributions, and both KDE and Arch are well known, with active development, and large communities behind them.

Apparently Garuda could not get those things working together. But I know my way around GRUB, I have gotten things to work more than I care to admit.

Finally, I get the damn ISO to boot. Nonfree drivers, flashed drive and about 10min of waiting. That’s right, I waited 10min for a modern Linux to boot on modern hardware. That is a bit of a turn-off right there. But, whatever. It was working.


After it booted, it detected my network hardware out of the box. The accessories that it came with were rather pretty, and this is one distro that has been made to look beautiful. There is an awesome two-line command prompt, numerous terminal emulators (why? but ok!) and color used in ways I am honestly not used to these days. Even the “wobbly windows” were a nice throwback to the days of my youth, hacking my way through some random Ubuntu spinoff. So… nostalgia points! Yay.

The website is beautiful. I mean, check it out.


It wasn’t blackarch. At all. There was a single included package (guymager) that comes with blackarch in the “forensics” folder of the menu. Not cool Garuda. Sure, I know my way around the package manager, and can install the things I need from the included repository. But I could do that from ANY distro.

KDE is buggy, or maybe it was Arch. There were graphical glitches, artifacts, and contrast issues all over the place. These are more likely to be config issues, rather than issues with upstream packages, but wow it was bad. Unuseable bad. Can’t read the menu… bad.

The aforementioned boot issues did not install a sense of polish, or confidence in me for using this distro for a project. I want an operating system that installs and then gets out of the way. Not one that I wrestle into submission, hack config files and then bugs out when I finally get it to boot.


Avoid this raging dumpster fire of a distro for anything beyond learning about how to NOT put a distro together.


well, as a summary of my comment at the first is,
MY entire support or “agreeing” kind of is for each and every word specified above, and also what i experienced my self!

lol, the word “Hang” (hung) is almost common for GarudaLinux, and their specified reason/principle… “unused RAM is wasted RAM” … Well i dont know how to comment on this as bit positive or most negative, it being a Linux Distro and may be i can totally Oppose!!

Well booting up Garuda on an USB is just even more than the time any top most bloated windozs would have taken to boot up (if it had option for live boot)

and ahh “BlackArch”, I literally cannot get or justify how it is even CALLED BlackArch, shit it’s not even comparable!!


Well actually Yes, KDE is buggy and tools made for KDE are also, Hence it wont actually make up an combination… And yes the distro could also have been improved

BUT still
it’s still in it’s beginning, so may be they still dont know what actually to improve and MAY BE (just and only May be) they would improve all these in FUTURE (quite too long distance)
And it’s better to have a target of [some] Years [atleast] if you are thinking to go back into this distro for daily driver, so that they get some time to implement their improvements and bring up their upcoming updates which might be worth enough [atleast most more than what it is now]

It would just be some Looks and designs, and it being an Arch Based, having pacman (than apt, not comparably too much, but yes arch is quite speeder than that of in debian ‘apt’), and another would be getting it bloated with some usefull n useless tools.

Looks again, yes ofcourse, it does fuck up everything which would actually also bee a reason why you choosed this distro, and It’s [not exactly but kind of] False assurance in some context, and another would be IT’S STILL NEW, and a bit [very less that] their support lags behind.

Whatever it is, This TOPIC, depends upon individual’s way of thinking and working! So one might LIKE or DISLIKE
No matter what, just leave another below on your thoughts…

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If u want kde + arch to press yourself then hefftor is new in the game…but no sweet and candy icon themes xD…

And if xfce + arch also impresses you somewhat then you can try peux OS…

One can Make Arch (Archiso) literally EXACTLY SAME as Garuda
Which I did too :D…!!

Yes WITH Sweet theme and Candy icons!

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But at last KDE will be a bloat :sweat_smile::joy::joy:

which is same as ours… based on discourse… lmao