General RULES (overall everywhere)

These are the rules within this forum and any associated rooms and channels.

General Rules:

  • Respect is expected first and foremost, give it and get it.
  • In order to promote international membership, we use English only.
  • No spam
  • No promotions including:
    • Nothing Pornographic (nothing NSFW)
    • No piracy
    • Don’t forward from other channels
  • Don’t send links of channels/groups outside this one
  • The topic is “Offensive Security”, for off-topic discussions please move to the off-topic room or the off-topic group
  • Our administrators are busy people, please only reach out to them directly with issues regarding the forum, or other members.

When you are asking for help:

  • Search first, seriously!
  • Ask for help once and wait for it to be addressed, do not cross-post in the forum and the chat room. We will get to it when we can.
  • Do your homework yourself!
  • Don’t take photos of code, these are both difficult to read, and potentially have metadata that can be traced back to you.
  • Don’t paste many lines of code or console output. Use one of these:

If you need to post (short) snippets of code, please make sure to read up on markdown and how to format it for ease of reading. This helps us understand what your issues might be with a quick glance, as opposed to crawling through your wall of text.

These rules are flexible, on purpose. We, as moderators, reserve the right to warn and ban without providing any reason for doing so.