Hello! There ppl

fuck uploading this image took eternity

you mean back button, and even i miss it, I was about to talk about it with wother to bring in something new as a fix or an alternative!

Its very high quality tho :joy: can see those letter directly without zooming in

like going from your reply to mangesh pm then to his blogs i used alt + left arrow key to navigate currently

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Open diff tabs :slight_smile:

oh yeah, same as web, lol i literally forgot about this, this (which you and I were on) is a PWA [Progressive Web Application].
Therefore, obviously it should be same :smiley:

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gud to see you know about PWA

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lol cam’t

dude only 300 kbs took 1 minute or so @wother why

its depends on your connection buddy.
here you go 537kb in 15 seconds, the server is working perfect! just our data speed might be slow…

f u took me eternity

what’s up buddies!?

mine :rofl: :rofl: