Hello! There ppl

Sssup homies!!

How’s everything goin on there?



nothing special just wondering the forum from here and there went to the admin panel i was blown … boom

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gun sounds lol

f u dude btw honestly don’t u like this thing i am toh loving it

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i was the most active guy here and now u can get the answer of your question. Also I am thinking of Posting Blogs and at first learn how to write proper blogs.

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I know you will do good in it and don’t hesitate to wirte your first blog soon, you will improve by time

Don’t worry about mistakes too much in the beginning i will love to read your first blog

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you might have missed looking up in the forum, i think he has already made blogs!

I’ve already posted some lemme give you the links

am waiting to read them

and some more but for now ur and dir’s msgs like are on fire and u can get them in Blog’s category

uff… lol looking at your messages makes me reply u first and delaying my guide regarding the forum :joy:



same i was getting other links but notifications arent stopping still i have a reply from proff

can u fucking tell me how wait the fuck i forgot what i was about ot ask … yeah remembered can we share images in here???

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Yuss why not when you open your clipboard/draft ad start typing you have a icons to upload besides </>

yes you can share images
either clipboard or markdowns or also :link:

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Can we directly drop the image from our file managers?

yep, just drag and drop, it’s most easiest way!

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one more thing transition from place to place is a bit hard can u susggest something to fix this

can u brief me wt is transition that you meant?