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Hi everyone. Please I need free python courses for AI. I appreciate your help.

So… I guess I talk about machine learning (ML) or what is commonly referred to as “AI” here.

My rant about asking for “free” things still stands. If you want something, pay for it. But this is a great opportunity to talk about the process of learning hyper-advanced programming and coding techniques. Because that is what machine learning is, an extremely advanced way of making your project have the ability to react to changing circumstances. It is NOT a new programmer friendly concept.

So unless you understand functional programming, object-oriented programming, iterators, controllers, boolean logic, compilers, transpilers, clean code, libraries, git, and probably any number of OTHER concepts that I am missing, ML is not a place to “start” when it comes to learning a programming language.

Generally speaking, you are training your code on very large data sets, so that the program that you are writing can adapt, and decide how to move forward with regards to that data. I’m over simplifying, and if there are ML gurus that are reading this they just flinched, because I am only describing the most basic forms of ML.

So… if you want to learn ML, and are asking for a “course, tutorial, or walkthrough” it is probably best to start with the basics and work your way into ML libraries within python. Or, read documentation.

Lists of Packages are great places to start. Then, find the package documentation, write the “hello world” of that package, and see how it might work for your project.

Also, asking for something that most people have to pay for, for free is the definition of entitlement.

Good luck!


No rants for a long time I thought you might be rusty… But you still got it.

My activity will always wax and wane… Some weeks I’ll post a lot, others I’ll be quiet. Thanks for your kind words.