How can we Promote this place?

I am in love with this thing ssly…

I agree with things like sharing any link first to forum then to any other media to prevent next copyright infringement on any platform. This automatically increase users in here.

Any other views to promote this thing??

I will leave this as community discussion coz i want feedback from users and admins both!!


Create Invite links and share with others and also you can make them visit a β€˜particular’ topic so that they get a good first impression accordingly as u might know what they are interested in, and choose that topic while creation of your invite links!

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hmm I guess I have one more idea whenever someone asks a good question instead of replying it in telegram better create a new topic over it and answer it. Then share it’s link it will be good. For this we need to tell this to all admins first @Th3Director please do this and also increase users on telegram coz this time we will use telegram to promote forum. I was wrong not visiting this thing earlier and promoting people will love this thing. They just need to know about it

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Obviously, it has already been discussed, it was just a bit early you took your leave on the previous day!

Time permits for everything. I hope you are enjoying the most in here than in other platforms:)

and and encourage bloggers to come here they will love this place talk to some bloggers with good reach when they will share there blog written here that will be good… that’s all what i have in my mind currently . BTW can u tell me how can we do personal messages in here?

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fuck dude this is awesome it’s feel is just amazing

Just click on the users profile picture and then u have a optiong for messaging


btw have a look at quote
select the text and click on the popup!

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fuck dude this is awesome

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you don’t know how happy I am currently , You just can feel it @Th3Director make sure everything goes into this forum first then to any other platform and @mangeshrex i guess you know some bloggers invite them to write things here and share it to their readers

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I’ll shortly release a short guide on this, within some minutes :slight_smile:
(on features)
… Currently in the middle of the post!

Yuppp i’ll fetch some guys Maybe our members/admins could write up on like knight and some other guys for Posting here. Like i’ll also start posting blogs here as soon as i start making and nikhil also makes blogs.

well promote depends on how u act @mangeshrex i would rather say u to stop tele automatically everyone will come here

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still dismantling is no solution… waiting for the 10 members to review… btw

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Yeah i have stopped messaging in groups

and i still see your ass in cybernity offtopic the new group

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Fuck u am not there in that group the group is deleted by @k48ir -_- and what does that mean do I need to live the official offtopic gtoup.?

do u have eyes ???

did i mention official OT in my above texts…

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XD lol fuck forget that now I don’t know on which ot am there