How can you protect your password from hackers!

Hello Cybernity fam, Aditya Here, Today I will be discussing some tips to protect your password from being hacked or make it undetectable to crack!

Nowadays, as the number of people on the internet is increasing, the number of cybercrimes is also increasing.
There are many ways from which a hacker can attack your password.
The most common of them are :

  1. Bruteforce Attack
  2. Phishing Attack
  3. Dictionary Attack
  4. Using Keylogger
  5. Credential Stuffing and many more…

How can we prevent our password from being compromised :

  1. Never keep your personal details as a password i.e. phone number, name, mother/father’s name, etc.

  2. Never make passwords short than 8 words.

  3. Never use the same passwords for many websites.

  4. Make your password using uppercase, lowercase letters, and use symbols and letters to make it tougher.

  5. Never tell your password to anyone, never write your password anywhere, never store your passwords on the web.

  6. Change your password regularly in 1 or 2 months.

  7. Try not to type your passwords on any other’s computer i.e. Cyber Cafe. They may contain Keyloggers.

  8. Here are the top 5 passwords easiest to crack, so never make your password in any of them.

  • 12345678
  • 123456
  • password
  • 111111
  • qwerty

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My topic ends. Thanks if you read till here.


Ah, all good advice. My personal security goes so far as to have a physical key (Yubikey, please send me money Yubikey) for two-factor authentication, a password manager for generating insane passwords, like zuTiBjE3q6QD2M#6CG*qY as an example of the one it just gave me, which is not used for anything except a fun crypto puzzle coming soon™, and most important, diligence in looking up when you might have been pwned.

With 2FA and a password manager you can effectively make it as hard as possible to compromise your accounts. Not impossible, as there are even ways to compromise both a secure password manager (Bitlocker give me money!) and even hardware tokens or keys (still waiting for my check Yubikey) though it usually requires physical access to your devices. We should all know (by now) that if someone has physical access then it is all over in terms of security.

I might go through a few decent password managers and 2FA clients I have used through the years, and go through my reasoning in relying on them. But that is a topic for another post.


lol finally i found this thing you were talking about in that puzzle (-_-)


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IT’S A GOOD PASSWORD!!! mmmkay!?

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yeah it definetly is…

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onscreeen keyboard is also good

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