How do we know that companies and tech giants SPY on us.. huh!?

The PRISM program :PRISM - Wikipedia

Edward Snowden : Edward Snowden - Wikipedia

This can be a huge beginning for a topic to be researched on by you… I gave you the starting

Why the actual fuck they collect our data : – this particular channel is a huge resource itself.

and you are good to go for the really basic beginning keep on digging you will be shocked !! to what extent companies go to collect our data…

Will also suggest the youtube channel : THE HATED ONE

@wother i wasn’t able to find that image of companies who were ready to give up their data (which thus proves data collection) to NSA… I remember there was a nice image depicting that … share if you find it… i know i gave very little info about that image but if i had more i would have found it myself lol… hope u find it


I’ll look when I’m back at my computer.

Umm… take a look at these channel too

techlore is also good i like his news section of videos