Money Heist

Fasten your seat belt Hostages!


u ssly needed this huh pina??

fuck thanks waiting for this since eternity !!

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hehe watching friends. After finishing that will start money heist

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seen mr robot flash and money heist only in my life

I can’t imagine any perfect comment that can be posted :joy:
But this is Great to hear the date Announcement!!
This is also kind of a Teaser/Climax…

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looks noice seeing you replyting to yourself

and what does this mean?




I have seen Mr robot upto season 2. Seen flash too

these are the only things i have seen … and one more scam 1992 and i don’t think i will see other’s unless they are exceptionally good or related to my interests

btw what do u think about flash

are u guys mad?

finally !!! saw something good in my whole bad day

It was nice until his daughter died and it got all sad…and it kind of felt boring when arrow verse was introduced into flash.


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lmao surjo shared this in some group he found me XD