My Low End Pc


I have an old PC with windows 7,

Processor: Intel i3 4th gen

Ram : 4GB

Graphics : Integrated Graphics by Intel(No graphics card present)

HDD : 500GB

SSD : Nil

My thoughts

It is a stupid potato pc with not enough gaming power. I use it for online classes and coding. But I was able to run some old COD and assassins creed in it. Vscode is the only thing that I like in my system and also of course Firefox. It has a problem that whenever I touch the bloody CPU it gives me electric shock. Its so annoying when you connect a usb and you get shocked. I don’t use dual boot because I don’t want to get murdered by my dad. I have done some customization on my windows with this tutorial.

What do you think about my pc? Underpowered or better than your’s?

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well i still am using a intel i3 laptop which had 4gb ram recently upgraded it to 12gigs

and it has a nvidia GEFORCE graphics card i can run many games but just not the very recent and high end games

and my pc has a tri boot with parrot OS, garuda and windows… i dont use windows anyway

yeah this is all my story has

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Wow at least you have a graphics card dude that’s dope

OS: Arch Linux x86_64
Kernel: 5.11.16-arch1-1
CPU: Intel i3-3217U (4) @ 1.800GHz
GPU: Intel 3rd Gen Core processor Graph
Memory: 1460MiB / 3815MiB


better than what i had in the beginning…

intel atom (don’t even know what gen or stuff)
1 gigs ram upgraded to 3 gigs
nothing else

and honestly that was it for me… it restricted me from playing games… best game i ever played in my life is super mario or contra… ad maybe taken 3 or 4 it was…

sometimes limitations increase the scope of improvement like i was not able to install kali in it when i was beginning then i came to learn about some hardware stuff… then learnt about architecture and more stuff i wouldn’t be interested to learn if i had a modern machine which can literally run anything…

i still have a i3 4 gig integrated graphics laptop … not comfortable for vms… that diverted my mind to docker and linux container… which i would have not given a fuck about if i had a 20 gigs fuckup maching wih 4 gigs of graphic card…

am happy with my machine… it forces me to learn more about hardware (which i am not generally interested in)

i remember researching about BIOS and UEFI just to install some flavor of linux… and i tried to gather as much info as i can even if my doubt was clear…

talking about dockers and linux container they fascinated me to that extent i learnt to create my own custom image and how can i customise it and do all those fascinating stuffs… also broke my system with some services not suspended successfully followed by a forced shutdown… which further forced me to learn about services and what i did wrong that lead to the corruption of my files… even keyrings… tho my problem was not solved neither i got the answer to what happened still i fucking learnt a lot which i would have missed or procrastinated… so yeah what you have changes your path to reach your goal… never limits you from reaching it…

that also introduced me to linod and all that stuffs… and that’s going too long …in short…



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Yeah, almost urs and my specs are same and I tried to install kali in vm (boxes) cause virtualbox wasn’t working with me the usage went on to 3400/4000 ram and it fucked hard so that thing made me realise getting another distro isn’t gna help me so I forced myself to do everything in arch (as I can do that). And that was a pretty good experience. :sweat_smile:

And now you now you are a linux chad

rex has to be… the path he followed is the best according to me.

this is what makes the difference (atleast according to me)

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Ahh no probs :slight_smile:

Kids these days.

The first PC that was “mine” was a Celeron 850. It had 256MB of RAM and a 80GB HDD. I remember upgrading to 512MB of RAM, and was happy that Netscape would run well. It ran Starcraft, barely, and I had fun hauling it around.

I remember upgrading from that rig, to a Pentium 4 (with hyperthreading!) and 1GB of RAM. Radeon 2600 XT video card, and I could play more games. I also remember upgrading my 80GB HDD to a 250GB HDD, and remember thinking how much music I could download (Winamp still kicks the llama’s ass, btw).

From humble beginnings we all start. Just know that you will look back on this computer, and be astonished where you end up. (Also, for the love of Bob upgrade to win10, or barring that, just use Linux… win7 is riddled with security flaws, and had an end of life January 2020 [!])

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Uh great you remind me of my dad when he first saw a computer beginning his job at the post office in India in the 1990’s