Ok, Where are we heading now?

what do all of you think should be done?

Is the forum still safe?
What about matrix …?
All have to remove encryption for us or else get banned?


I personally support whatsapp here. The forum might be safe. No we don’t have to remove encryption but have to give the government the keys if they ask to see a conversation. It’s basically Indian PRISM project.

as always, YES until we have our uncle :smiley:

btw there are lots of work done here regarding Security!
though anybody can read about what information we collect Privacy - Cybernity

and above all, my first policy (not just me, but many others’) remains same,

Privacy is the one which can never be compromised!

and this forum respects it…

lol “privacy if” or “privacy is”

obviously ‘is’

A reason more to left Whatsapp🥲

What do you mean? then you have to get out of each and every social media platform… Btw whatsapp is trying to stand with the people and protect our privacy. I would trust whatsapp with my data than the fucking Indian government

I do not trust Facebook as big data mining company.

I’ll better use Threema :ok_hand:t2:

Dude they will all be monitored by the Gov.

Threema can’t be monitored. Nobody can decrypt the conversation due the algorithm + keys where only kept on our phones.

PS: They can monitor, but decryption… mhm xD


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I meant rather than the Gov

OOh I see. That’s cool. Also can matrix be monitored?

Everything can be monitored. But whats about decryption :wink: That would be the next step.

yeah that’s the one of the things we have in our hands

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Yus :wink: and using our own IRC or matrix server would increase aswell our security:D

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Nothing will get banned directly but they will loose their position as Social media, Private messengers etc …

This means that, if someone used these platforms for bad sake, not only the person who used the platform will be punished, the platform used by him will be punished too.

Like fining the company or temporarily disabling the service etc…

If these continues they may get banned