Platforms to practice programming skills to get your dream job


Hey programmers , Are you confused about choosing a platform to practice you programming skills and get a good job ?

This short blog will help you in deciding which platform to choose based on the features they offer to users.

1. HackerEarth

It’s a Popular platform including thousands of Questions and coding challenges. They conduct Hackathons as well as hiring challenges too.

2. Exercism

It has 3,173 exercises across 51 languages to level up your programming skills, and insightful discussion with their dedicated team of welcoming mentors.

3. Hackerrank

HackerRank is a hiring platform that is the de facto for evaluating developer skills for over 2,000 companies around the world.

4. Spoj

SPOJ (Sphere Online Judge) is an online judge system with over 315000 registered users and over 20000 problems.

5. Programmr

Programmr has an amazing online coding simulator and a B2B API that allows anyone to integrate coding widgets into websites.

6. TopCoder

TopCoder is a competitive programming platform. It provides a collection of algorithmic challenges that you can tackle in their own personal code editor.

7. Codeforces

CodeForces is a collaborative platform where coders can participate in “rounds” where a time limit is set and points are distributed to the participants.

8. Codewars

Codewar has a captivating interface with unique ways of presenting the challenges, naming them as Katas, where coders gain skills and challenge other coders in Kumite.

9. Codechef

CodeChef has is one of the biggest competitive programming platforms.

They open their platform for anyone to host programming contests and a feature called campus chapter as a tool for programming clubs to utilize.

10. Leetcode

LeetCode is the best platform to help you enhance your skills, expand your knowledge and prepare for technical interviews with filters based on questions from different tech giants

11. Geeks For Geeks

For many, this is Encyclopaedia for coding. It has myriads of articles teaching topics such as data structures, algorithms, Computer Science, and quizzes that test for knowledge and comprehension.

12. Solo Learn

SoloLearn is one of the best places to learn how to code, with over 39 million learners, 1784 lessons, and 14k quizzes.

13. CodePen Challenges

CodePen challenges are super fun and it’s a place for creativity and collaboration.

There’s no competition at all because there’s nothing to lose, but you do gain skills through these challenges.

I think thats much for the today’s blog , stay uodated with cybernity for upcoming blogs. Thanks

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