Profile Heder & User card background ?!

I was not going to ask this but fuck i set two different images to understand what those are but fuck i don’t see the user card background anywhere … tho i figured out what a Profile Header is

Will any gentleman help me to figure it out??

Well i think a particular time is set for u to flood the forum at a time continuously :joy:
your notifications make me see that once and then finish the latest one first than wt i was typing in previous topic :joy: :joy:

ok, so this is short
profile header is when anybody enter your profile, it was they see as channel art in youtube [long horizontal rectangle image] above your name

User card is wt u can see as cybernity admins in below image which is translucent

fuck i tried this but can’t see my image i thought same but didn’t see my user card image so was confused lemme try once again

shit my sekret is revealed

fuck can’t see my image wai?

i can see your user card and profile header empty

save it once u update

fuck i did not save (-_-)

saved lol denks topic closed :rofl:

no need of closing topic manually, it will closed after particular time of inactivity

I am addicted to closing topics :rofl:

is there any image visible in my profile background ?


only this

F why did this get cropped :frowning:

bcz he took a cropped screenshot