Roadmap To become A Full Stack Developer

Hey friends!

To become a full-stack developer, you will need to gather quite some years of industry experience.

You will need to learn both front-end and back-end languages, as well as the ins and outs of databases and storage.

In fact, you can’t just study to become a full-stack developer; it’s all about constantly learning and getting as much experience as you can in both front and back-end development.

Let me explain you in Deep!

Step 1: Choose The Best Operating System.

You can choose Either Linux or Mac which are really awesome for developers.
Or can still go with Windows 10, what you will need to do is enable wsl and that is really helpful, but Windows is also highly recommended.

Step 2: Get yourself the best text editor.

You will find people using Vs code in most of their courses, so I would recommend getting started with Vs code which is obviously free and has the best features and a large community.

Step 3: Learn HTML

HTML is the building block for Web development, it is so easy to learn and get started, requires 0 configurations and a lot of resources are available online.

Step 4: Learn CSS

CSS is also the basic of Web Development, where it is easy to learn and requires 0 programming knowledge. You can spend years learning CSS where it makes a site beautiful.

Step 5: Build yourself a Portfolio Website

You can now get started with building projects, here is a tutorial that will teach you how to build your own portfolio site using HTML CSS and Bootstrap

Step 6: Learn Javascript

Here is a course that will teach you the basics of javascript and injecting js to your Html CSS site.

Step 7: Add javascript to your portfolio site

Build A Contact Form, a few API calls, and add buttons to do so.
NOTE: You can watch for tutorials building stuff, and add it by yourself to your portfolio.

Step 8: Learn to Use Chrome Developer Tools

Chrome dev tools let you debug your code from Html to Js, and it is the most important stuff to know as a web developer.
Here is a tutorial I found relevant on Youtube.

Step 9: Learn Git and Github

The most important thing during building a project is a project management and accessibility to the team, learn Git and Github push your code to GitHub and make Pull Requests

Step 10: Learn To use Terminals / CLI

Learning to use CLI is the most important stuff as a developer, during working with a server or hosting you get to work a lot with CLI’s.
For Linux and Mac: Use ZSH, BASH, Hyper or iTerm
For Windows: Use Zsh in Wsl or use Git Bash.

Step 11: Host your site online

You can host your website for free on the following platforms.


Step 12: Build A project using HTML, CSS, and JS

You can copy code from your previous projects, copy from StackOverflow.
But don’t go for the tutorial now.

Expense Tracker
Blog App

Step 13: Learn React / VUE/ Angular

There are a lot of Tutorials on Udemy and Youtube where you can learn React Vue or Angular from bottom to advanced.

Step 14: Build Projects using your Favorite Library

Here is a tutorial you can follow to build an e-commerce site, using React and Graphql

Step 15: Apply For Jobs

You don’t need to fit completely in the job profile, search for a job on Linkedin/ Twitter or other sites.

Step 16: Now you are Front End Dev

You made it, as a Front end Dev.
Now you can learn to build the backends using any of your favorite languages.
I would recommend Node js which is really awesome and easy to learn.
Or else can learn Django which uses Python.

Step 17: Learn SQL or NoSQL

Databases are the most important part of a Server, learn to use MongoDb or SQL databases like Postgresql or Mysql

Step 18: Learn NodeJs

This course will help you!

Step 19: Build yourself API’s using Nodejs

You can follow up tutorials and make yourself go with Node js, Databases, and Servers

Step 20: Integrate your Server with your Website.

Use Node JS and React to build some of the awesome stuff.
Like Medium Clone, Ecommerce or etc.

Step 21: Host your Full-stack Site

You can host your site to Google Cloud, Linode, Digitial Ocen, or Aws in the free tier to learn to deploy and add SSL to your server and make it work in HTTP.

Step 22: Learn Docker

Containing your application in a Container to test and the host is a really popular way of building sites.
Learn docker

Step 23: Apply For Full Stack Job

I highly recommend you not to fall into the pit of tutorials and face teamwork by applying for jobs and get paid.

I guarantee, if you follow this roadmap, then you can master Full-stack Development within a year!

Many thanks.


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