Somethings which I learned before

So, today I’ll be telling you some basics of the most beautiful process in a computer “Booting”.

What is booting?
In technical words the process of copying the kernel from the hard disk to memory and then
executing it is called BOOTING.

In Easy words.
Assume a mother is a superset and her child is a subset. In the same way an operating system is a superset
and booting is a subset.

Now i’ll add some great words from a genius.

" A child gives birth to mother "
In Technical words this statement is false, but imagine if a lady doesnt has a child or a baby, she is called a lady or a women
but a women/lady with child/baby is called a mother.

So now u can relate this with booting and operating system. Technically booting is a part of Operating System.
Hence, the Operating should start should start the booting process but its the other way around.

Booting is the process which gives birth to the Operating System. The initial bootstrap program is found in the BIOS read-only memory. This program run diagnostics initialize all components of the system, loads and the the Operating System loader starts.This is al
so called as boot strapping.

I Just Gave a try on this. Hope you understand.


Beautiful, if a little garbled, the meaning is still there.

Starting from power, you have post, then init, then the kernel takes it from there. These are “phases” that the computer goes through. Everything has to start somewhere.

BIOS or modern UEFI are the first software that are initialized on a computer.

From there, the BIOS will decide which drive to boot from (with it’s handy rules that are built in) and then attempt to boot a drive. This can be a CD/DVD, USB thumb drive, or an SSD/HDD (or even network boot, but I digress).

Once the drive is booted, BIOS “hands over” control to the Operating system. Windows boot manager, or in the case of Linux, GRUB. (there are likely other boot loaders, those are the two I am most familiar with, and I think MacOS uses some version of GRUB, but don’t quote me, just google).

The operating system is as simple as the command line in DOS, or as complex as the modern Linux environment.


Hehe true I am now very interested in this process of learning. I got a very good book online. “Hands on booting” I somewhat read that and tried to convey in my own words…am at page 104 in 2days. But truly the booting process is very interesting.

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