Spotify premium

Guys how can i get premium account of spotify ?


Use mods

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Mod is garbage sor

I want premium account

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well at this point of time i would say 2 things

there is the hard way and the easy way

the hard way is learning server encryptions and also android studio code and making your self a premium account or a soo called all access account which is termed to be premium

the easy way google and install some mods

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Mod is better option :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::grinning::grinning::grinning:

expected answer nothing much

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thanks for asking the question u have got your solution

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Thanks sir for your advice

The best way to get a premium Spotify account would be to pay money for it.

This leads to the idea as to why we would want to support the services and products that we like, and that is because if we pay for something, vote with our dollars, we get to directly support those that create such amazing products and services.

Hell, I did this for a networking app on my phone just last night. I downloaded the free, ad-enabled version, and found that it had everything that I wanted. To support the developer, I paid for it and was pleasantly surprised to find additional functionality unlocked. Could I had sideloaded the apk from some alt store? Of course. Then I would have denied the human being on the other side of that transaction, the developer of the piece of software, the fruit of his labor.

If I want to be paid for my work, why the fuck shouldn’t everyone enjoy the same? Seriously, think about it.

I know Spotify isn’t a single lone developer, they are a multi-billion (?) dollar company, and theft of a single account (or circumventing the ads in place for a free account) will not hurt them in the long run. This mentality is wrong though. If you love something, really love a service or product, support it. If you can’t? Use FOSS, contribute there. For something like Spotify, just pay for it. It can’t cost more than a cup of coffee each month.

I dunno… I was a pirate once. I’ve surfed the seas of lulz with the finest out there. These days, I see the harm that is caused and choose to support those that produce the things that I want.


Thank you sir for your advice :+1::+1::+1:
I think buy membership is good option

++ no premiums

Please don’t use any mods or anything other methods

Mods, it maybe something you download from the internet or you userself modify the apk

Because,For Spotify this doesn’t matter but for the artists you listen to, will be pushed into troubles for suspicious activities in their artist profile and the algorithm which introduces their music to new people, WILL NOT do that anymore

Its like getting your favorite artist shadowbanned from the platform

additionally if you download software from unknown sources you will probably get more suprises with the software. SO BEWARE

And i’m sure they WILL NOT GET PAID for the streams generate by you

So, Its your choice to get your favorite artist in trouble