Ssup homies....?

How’ life going on…any new meme?

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Ah I met Snart Today(or may be yesterday, timezone fluctuates this)!


-_+ where was he? Was he in your dreams?


wtf u want to come in advait’s dream

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Nope. NOt really

What kind of dreams you people literally have, so much deep connection, seems suspicious.

its nothing sus they have a intimate connection proff here has fucked all ppl

lmfao even i get weird dreams about these guys

wt did he do though? :joy:

Who are “these guys” you talking about?

Prof fucked up by himself, girl left him and many more sed incidents.

Admeme team

Ahh poor guy

Got the news

what the fuck…
shut the fuck up!

I knew the news prior.

U don’t have no right to say what we can talk so shut your hole