What happened the last few years with {me us community}

Several years passed - the forum lay fallow. Now no more!

Each of us has made massive progress in our beloved IT in recent years.
For my part, I have expanded my knowledge with pfSense and OPNSense and more.
This includes:

  • IDS and IPS
  • Suricata
  • Crowdsec
  • Traffic shaping
  • of course the firewall itself

My hardware warehouse has also been expanded.

This includes

  • 2 Macbooks (Mid 2012 & Yearly 2015 - 13’')
    an HP Enterprise ProLiant (short form HPE for more in the text) DL360p G8 server
  • 2 Thinkpad X270 laptops
  • 4 Intel Datacenter NVMe SSDs

I have had an HPE ProLiant DL380 G7 for a long time.
Since 2019 I have been using VMWare ESXi as hypervisor operating system.
But with a switch from VMWare ESXi to Proxmox VE in summer 2022, the functionality of the server has scaled massively.

But the reason for this was different:
As the server is no longer the latest, the most up-to-date ESXi could not be installed.

This was of course a security risk !

Then later, in fall 2023 - Broadcom buys VMWare. When I read that, I just thought: How much longer until Broadcom offers ESXi as a free download, removed!

At the beginning of 2024, Broadcom then made this a reality. I am glad that I have been using Proxmox VE for 2 years now.

The side effect of the whole VMWare ↔ Broadcom scandal is the highlight!
Veeam, a leading specialist in backup/restore with disaster recovery, had announced that they would be adding Proxmox to their portfolio.