What is Linux Kernel?

Now moving towards “Linux” which is our most important target to explain.

So as mentioned in the previous blogs Linux is not an operating system, instead, it is a kernel And on that kernel, many developers have created their own distro’s. For example Arch Linux, Debian, Kali Linux, ParrotOS, fedora, Linux Mint, and many more. If u want to know about all the distribution’s you can click the below link to know about them:-

List of Linux distributions - Wikipedia

Here you’ll get to see about what distros are out there, what they are based on, what are their package managers and many other things. People say that "Learning Linux is based on your creativity/skill/hard work/practice level. If you are enthusiastic/skillful/stubborn then you can surely get into Linux and also to be noted master it. But again this all depends on practice. Mastering the command line, Fixing errors on your own will lead you to that position.

Now heading over to what is the Linux Kernel ( this would be just some basic info).

Basically, " the kernel is the core component of your system which holds on the hardware and the processes going on your device." This will tell you how important is a kernel. People also get errors about the kernel panic, but that isn’t for beginner’s we’ll be discussing that in the future.

Moving towards My Own top 5 reasons to Use/Learn Linux.

  1. Linux is a much secure operating system type if compared with Windows. If you use Linux then most probably you don’t need an antivirus addon. And to inform you “you’re in safe hands until you yourself don’t do any mistake”.

  2. Linux will increase your productivity and every second of your exploration time in your system will introduce you to some new things.

  3. The Distribution variety is very vast almost we have everything for free and we have a separate distribution for any of our reasons. But also this confuses many users on what about to choose. Better you do not hop on distributions cause it’s a system it’s nonliving. Also to note "Don’t let a distribution make you change it, instead make it change as per your needs"

  4. The filesystem’s are very helpful you can recover your files on any data loss issue. Linux uses filesystems like ext1/2/3/4, BTRFS (Better File System), and others.

  5. The Freedom provided by the **opensource community **allows all the users to customize any distribution as per our needs. You can change its source code and also change your distribution according to your working preferences. Like if you want to do hacking you can install tools on arch/mint/Debian or if you want to program stuff you can use arco/mint/Artix/ubuntu/Gentoo and many other’s. Choose your distro wisely :slight_smile:

  6. Almost all of the famous servers run on Linux. WHY?

→ Linux is free and opensource

→ Linux is free from virus

→ Linux is way too faster as compared to Windows and OS X

  1. If you are a person who wants to learn hacking or get into IT Security then Linux is a must for you.

umm that’s not true, it’s just less probable to have “linux virus” than windows one … reason is userbase… but we do have “linux viruses” rootkits are one of them!

but should be careful with that

my favorite line which i say like alwaysss

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