Why a Real Carder won't card for others?


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Get safe from fake carders

First of all there is no guarantee that you can card anything for 100%, even if you read so many guides or tried to card a particular thing for many times, there is no guarantee that you can card anything for 100% successfully. Carding is experience and luck based.

For suppose think that you are a real and a good carder. You carded some physical and digital products successfully.

One person came to you for a carded product. He requested you to card a wireless earpodes and send to him. He paid you the amount you asked. Then you bought the tools needed for carding, you bought cc and checked it in the site checker and found it is alive.

Then you connected to your rdp, cleared the cookies and trackers of all your browsers, then you connected to the socks5 ip and then opened the shopping site where you will card the product.

Then you started adding random products and surfing the site for 15-20 mins and then kept the rdp aside for 5-6 hours for the cookies to be build. Then you added the wireless earpodes your customer asked you to the cart then you went to the checkout page.

Then you gave the cc details and gave the drop address and then clicked on checkout. Then the site said you that the card is declined. you got confused why that happened. Then you did everything from first and then gave the same cc, again it showed card declined.

You dont know what was happened. Then you thought to buy a netflix subscription and netflix declined the card. Then you realise the card got dead. Then you will recap from starting where the cc got dead and you realise the card got dead starting itself when you checked it. You forgot that there are chances of cc getting dead when got checked.

You can’t do anything now and refunded your customer the money he paid. now you have money loss.

There are chances that these type of things will happen when you try to card anything. We don’t know what will happen when you are carding something. You don’t know when the cc will go dead, you don’t know when your socks5 ip will get dead or go blacklisted. You don’t know whether the site will accept purchase or decline it even if you do everything correct.

This is the main reason a carder will never card for others.

Carding is a time taking process. We need to surf the site to build cookies so that the transaction will done perfectly. It will take more than 30 mins. The person who paid the carder to card will think that the carder is ripper that’s why he is taking this much time. So, A real carder won’t card for others.

Even if you card any physical product or digital product successfully, we can’t say we carded successfully. The site may cancel the order by fraud detection.

These are the main reasons why a real carder won’t card for others.

Please share this to your friends so they will be safe from fake carders.

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So will the greedy carders whi just want money card even if the reason is this?

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