Android != Privacy?

There are many debates going on like

"IPhone is most secure and private, Android is less secure and private"

Are these true ?

Yes and No !

No, Android itself isn’t bad for privacy, the apps you use there make it less private and obviously Google

:fire:Do you know ?

Our Android phones send 1MB of data, compared with iOS sending Apple around 42KB every 12 hours.

Yes, If you use the Android which come with the phone because these Android OS are with lots and lots bloatware from google, your phone manufacturer, third party apps by phone manufacturer etc…
Some apps in these can be uninstalled and many CANNOT BE UNINSTALLED in normal methods

These apps are junky and regularly send data to the company’s server

• Many android phone manufacturers use Google’s custom variant of Android which have lots and lots of Gapps (Google Apps) pre-installed

• Obviously if can’t uninstall those apps you will start using it !

• If we use different services for different things the threat will be the least as we use all google products,then they give them a complete map of our daily routines, our habits, our hobbies, our interests, our financial status, our businesses, our characters, interests, etc…

everything else !
literally everything else !!!

Well, this is scary enough

:fire:Fun fact:

Google knows your location even if you turn of your location
(Said by Mr.Sundar Pichai)

Uhh !!
If you asked me how then see this video

How to get rid of data collection with real identity ?

Well, there are lots of way to get rid of this like disabling google services (not everything can be done untill you’re a superuser), Not signing in the phone, no agreeing everything you see in the screen, etc…

One of the greatest, most powerful and my favorite method is "CUSTOM ROMS"

As Android is Open-Sourced because it is extracted from Linux Many great developers out of Curiosity, Hobby etc… Started making their own variant of Android, well some have went too far in development, and some are very close to stock android

The only way is to use a near stock android custom rom without any Gapps and FACEBOOK apps especially and without signing into any services

I recommend using AOSiP, AOSP, AOSP Extented, Lineage, /e/ for phones other than Pixels if these ROMs are available for your phone

All roms might be a bit unstable in times as it developed by a group of developers or a single developer (:flushed::flushed: I’m amazed)

And If you use a Pixel Phone then you’re too luck
You can use GrapheneOS (also know CopperHeadOS), Calyx Os are specially made for Pixel phone and they are more stable, secure and private than other roms as these are build for privacy as their soul purpose

If you are ready to make your phone performance down but you need a phone with more security you are free to go with Graphene OS

But if you’re not ready to let your phone’s performance down but you want the same security as Stock Android you can go with Calyx OS

If you continue to use all your google apps and Facebook apps again then there is no result for your changes

Start using PWA (Progressive Web Apps)

And look for Open-souce alternatives for the apps you use like F-Droid

:fire:Do you know ?
Google can track your websites visits even if you don’t use Google Products

But How ?
Nowadays All websites are created with google services to enhance the viewer’s experience, for analytics, for studies etc… like Google tag manager, Google analystics etc…

This will take your privacy back in a very huge manner if you follow everything in a correct way !

So, there are many ways to stop everything, but BEFORE DOING ANYTHING TAKE MORE TIME AND MAKE YOUR OWN RESEARCH !!





I use AOSP Exetended as my Daily driver : )

Thank you

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I like to disagree here. what you meant by linux is infact GNU+Linux which means a unix-like OS based on the linux kernel with GNU utilities. Android is not linux. Android is based on a very stripped down linux kernel with many tweaks to work on android without it being buggy. How do i know this? I am an android developer focusing on kernel-side of things. I know what makes an android kernel tick. Android is not fully OSS. There’s parts of it which is closed source. Don’t believe me ? go try to compile the stock kernel and i can bet you it will have missing code/parentheses and missing drivers. Even if you get it compiled, the battery backup and performance won’t be similar to the stock kernel that you get by using stock rom. Using a different ROM won’t make you any safer than using stock rom either. also it depends on device. IF you were to use a OnePlus device like myself, it comes with OOS which is a close-to-stock experience OS. I believe it doesn’t come with much bloatware compared to OneUI or MIUI or RealmeUI or even ColorOS. although i have to admit oos10 was the last oos which was close-to-stock. after that it became trashy. If you really want privacy ? Disconnect from the internet. AOSP is just the open source component of Android, there’s also a closed source part of it. which is rom devs expect leaks aswell. also if you want wide custom support, get a phone which uses snapdragon chipsets.

Also just so you know F-droid is not safe. The apps are built and signed on F-droid servers. F-droid uses the same keys to sign all their apps which means if their key is leaked, anyone can push their own malware infested build on F-droid.


Okay I like to agree this, I didn’t expand it in a right way.

Because each and every phone has it’s own feature, as AOSP is made in an common way which can suit any devices and complete thier fundamental funtions, they lack the compatability with lots of hardware capabilities of phones these days

I myself use a Realme smartphone with SD710 and the company gave a hell lot of suprises which i can’t throw out
Refer this website (I agree some in the list is need for system’s normal functionality and some are useless promotional apps)

If you have known how backends of companies works then you would not be saying like this and know that, even if you put your internet connection down your ISP will keep a track on you.

And I suggest you to read the article or even the heading of this article, the topic is about “Privacy” not “Security”
Yeah I agree that unlocking the bootloader will have a few drawbacks in sytem’s safety like loosing the ability of secure boot etc… and custom ROMs are a bit more buggy than stock rom and they many have vulnerability in them which is same for stock too (this fits for every software in the world) “No System is safe

If you forgot the difference between them, I suggest you to read this

Thank you for telling some more information

Actually it’s not that phones are made in a different way. It’s due to the OEMs making their stuff proprietary. I never was paranoid about privacy like most of y’all. I think you didn’t get my point, if you really want privacy disconnect from the internet fully and don’t even use a phone. Live a normal life without usage of any sort of technology.

In the case of privacy, anyone can breach your privacy if one were to use somehow leaked F-Droid keys to sign their app and watch whatever you’re doing. F-droid is not an option people, even Google play is better at that rate.

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Got it bro, but there is a huge threat by being exposed. Well, if we minimize it, tge threat will be lesser right ?

that’s the motive by which i wrote this article bro

Threat is a threat nevertheless.

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