Ethical Hacker Roadmap

Keep getting asked this question: How do I become an Ethical Hacker?

So, here is a Wall Of Text™ that I can refer those that ask to.

Do this:

  • Learn a programming language. Doesn’t matter which one. Python, JavaScript, Perl… again, doesn’t matter.

  • Learn Networking. How subnetting works, how DHCP works. How static IP addressing works. Ports, protocols, servers. HTTP/SSH/FTP are good ones to start with, know them all.

  • Learn another programming language. Pick one you didn’t pick before.

  • Learn tooling. Linux, various package managers, how Linux differs from Windows and Mac OS. Learn what is different from distro to distro. Break things, fix things, without help.

  • Learn another programming language. Pick something obscure, like Cobol, C or something that DOESN’T interest you.

  • Learn the software stack, the network stack, how libraries interact with APIs, and common API implementations while you are at it. RESTful APIs are important.

  • Learn encryption. History, algorithms, how it has broken over the years, how it has been fixed. Generate and host a public PGP key somewhere, know how to use it.

  • Learn another programming language (see a trend here?). This time something you love, combining multiple technologies together. Write software, bug hunt in open source projects, get to know the community, become an active participant.


Talk to me when you have done this.



Real hacker is one who knows how to read and write code can understand networking very well…

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This just touched my heart specially the “without help” part.

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