How to start learning about HACKING / CyberSEC WORLD!

How to start learning CyberSEC stuff ?

General flow chart——

  1. Computer Basics (how the hell anything works…like what happens when you press a key …from software level to hardware level).
  2. Networking (to understand how things works over the internet {very crucial})
  3. Get familiar with command line (windows+linux, cli is what you will be dealing with in real life scenarios)
  4. Programming languages ( start with C or python)
  5. Start playing CTFs (to practice and more practice)
  6. Get involved in the community, contribute back what you learnt.

:heart: Ethical Hacker’s Roadmap (personal fav!)

:diamonds: Here I am gonna answer some general queries!

:o: Where / How to find sources?

  • Just a single google search won’t give you the desired results!
    You have to learn to search… no one is sitting there to spoon-feed you. Learn the art of dorking !

:o: Best path to get into CyberSEC ?

:o: Certificates / Skills ?

  • Certificates are important to prove your skills, not having those means it’s gna be hard for you to prove companies about your capabilities but “SKILL IS WHAT MATTERS IN REALITY !”. must to mention

:o:Which course to buy / download?

:o: Who is a hacker?

:o: How to actually solve an error of yours? (the learning path !)

  • Just freaking search that error in your fav search engine !
    Copy the error message into the search area and read various results. Try different solutions. If possible try to learn the reason and what your solution actually did in background.


  1. Some readups !

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Now you might be thinking why so many same roadmaps… give all of these a readup… who knows which one is specifically for you and this is also to show you that once you read one… it’s pretty much the same everywhere. These blog might also include some technical terms so recommended for freshers too!

  • Network chuck
  • IppSec
  • Hackersploit
  • John Hammond
  • TheCyberMentor
  • LiveOverflow
  • thenewboston
  • Hacking Simplified

(proff’s tip) : Unsubscribe / don’t watch those channels only which teach about a tool… just cloning it from github and showing some usages… that wastes a lot of time… people do learn from them if they are willing to learn but that’s really less effective method. If you don’t know how that tool works / what are the key concepts behind the working of that tool, you are going on the wrong path. The path to become a SCRIPT KIDDIE . In order to cure a disease you need to know about the cause… same in order to exploit a system you need to learn about the logic which is happening in the background then use logic to break the god damn logic !

  1. I would prefer you to read books / documentation / man pages . Then googling things if you don’t get them!

  2. TryHackeMe | HTB | Cybernity | Overthewire | CTFlearn | CTFtime | tutorialspoint | hctutorials | vulnhub | hts | hackaday | hackingloops | hackingarticles | hackerone | gtfobins | phrack | ioh | pwnable | reversing | sts | netgarage

 Now happy with a huge list of sources??
Go and start learning !

:warning: Proff’s tips !

  1. Social Media Hacking !

  2. When you meet some IT professional / More Experienced person on online plaftorms!

Whenever you find such people you just stop doing your own research you used to do earlier instead you just ask your problems / questions to them … this not only decreases your chances of improvement and sometimes irritates the other person…so i will suggest better make a time limit …until which you will try your level best to find the solution to your problem… like mine is 7 days…yours maybe anything…then only consult someone.

  1. Hands on Practical Method to learn !

Example1 | Example2


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