General Discussion

If you did not get specific rooms to talk on your topic, or if you don’t know what to create/start the topic as, then you can talk here :slight_smile: .
If it is not suitable in DISCUSSION Category, then it’s better to post in Off-Topic.

But as always follow the RULES of this particular Room.

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Let’s Begin this!! :sunglasses::metal:

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Introducing our Brand New Website -Forum/Blogs/and more!!


what is a room now?? i would like to have some light on this

I’ll be right back on your point shortly asap!

and also tell me how the fuck i can set 2fa in this thing since u know i don’t have any mobile device

but i have my authenticator set up in my system so yeah i can get it done but that’s not seems to work for me i guess

ok, I’ll make a short tutorial on it soon
[bit busy rn, sorry for postponing, but will be back soon]

ahh chill i was just giving the forum a lookup back again i am in love with it … i want to know more thus will put my questions in here and whenever anyone have time just answer me … maybe i might figure it out but yeah still i will leave my doubts in here

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how can i select the blogs as a category while creating a new topic.

it’s not allowed right now.