Hands on Practical Method to learn!

This is an extension to my HOW TO START HACKING blog!

Umm… So I am gonna share one of the strategies I generally use to learn stuff. For the sake of simplicity I will explain it with an example of tryhackme.

Say you have started a room. You used some tool you already knew about to solve one of it’s part… LEARN MORE ABOUT THAT TOOL by googling about it or best is to read it’s man page using the command man <package name>

Now next scenario, is when you use a new tool… do the same thing with it but first focus on the usage tryhackme taught you … understand it’s working obviously by searching about it!

Now assume you learnt about a new kind of attack from tryhackme … it might be mostly probable that it’s very basic usage of it… you wanna advance then fucking search more about it.

Now assume you came to learn about a new concept like say that somehting related to networking, you did understand that … still fucking search it.

Let’s say you have installed a so called “pentesting distro” hover over various application… no matter you know how to use them… JUST READ THERE MAN PAGES or fucking search about there usage and the concept on which they are based… what’s the logic they are using to break some particular logic…

In short whatever you come to know about… do your own god damn research!
Why : You might find other point of views!
You might find the authenticity of the thing you read!
You might get to know more about the topic… more advance stuff!
You might find a better explanation which actually suits you

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