Help me setting my proxies

Copied from this image didn’t changed user:pass and proxyip:port

Will it work now or i have to do some other changes?

What you are facing right now is more serious issue than it appears to be in the first go!

That thing … in which you are confused what to type where to type i faced when i was playing with RATs and more precisely msfvenom part of metasploit.
I was freaking confused in the beginning what’s going… what’s not going… what to type… where to type … why to type… some source said something… some said something else… some were talking about LAN… some were talking about WAN… some were using some tunelling service… some were using port forwarding from the router… each time they did different thing i tried to copy them… and that was the time i learnt the least… and as i see now it was not the most effective way to go through it…

What I suggest you now is … instead of asking me or anyone else start learning about the concept behind these… when i learnt about tunnelling services what they actually do and their working on a surface level … what’s the logic behind them i was never confused with what to type… same goes with other examples i mentioned earlier…

Go and research about proxies … how they work… what’s the meaning of the fucking syntax you are typing… don’t only ask “how to do this” also ask / search for “why am i doing this”… “what if i do this instead of that”… and that comes with pure self searching and playing… with the thing … hit and trial maybe (that’s what i use the most !)

That way you will really learn about the topic… what is happening in the background… instead of just doing it… and that’s what will make the real difference !

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