Rules for CYBERNITY Discussion!

Read this before you post.

  1. If you have a question
  • GOOGLE it first, seriously.
  • Then next, search it in the group and here.
  1. English only here.

  2. Be clear and concise in your words.

  • Explain what your question is correctly and completely (what do you need now or what is the issue? what have you did previously?) in full sentences.

  • Use the #forum for long-form questions that we can all build off
    of, and help those that come after us.

  1. Illegal works and ADs are STRICTLY PROHIBITED here.
  • No Promotions without permission.

  • Do not PM any Admin without asking them first, and don’t be discouraged
    if they tell you “no”

  1. Have patience after you send a message, nobody is here waiting to reply to you (they have their own work). We will get to it when we have time.

  2. Maintain Respect in your words.

  3. Racism/ Politics/ Religious/ abusing/ targeting or hurting someone/ carding/ buying or selling/ or any other similar contents are Never allowed.

If there is Violation of Rules/anything wrong/non-postable content or anything that needs Serious Action over it, then please tag admins

Violating the Rules may lead to warning/mute/ban

Or if you are muted/banned/punished and think you did not Violate any rules, then contact an Admin or send Feedback through

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