What if Tesla became next Amazon of market industry, next Microsoft of Operating systems !?

“Amazon for car industry”
no, it’s meaningless :joy:

f i was trying to give it a noice title and i just merged two of my ideas

Of course It might at it’s current growth…they are fricking talking about space travel

and do you think that’s very good??

what i wanted to say as “amazon” is as a data collector

and tesla is even worse than them

Aah I see. But how do you know Amazon collects user data? We don’t even know Microsoft collects our data. Just because the code isn’t open source doesn’t mean they are evil

i guess it’s time to enlighten some peeps!!


Come on dude you have to admit do you have proof they collect data?

no no

Aah I know about the prism project something by the CIA to monitor people but they misused it right?