What Is Ricing?

**If you are at a question of “what is ricing?”, then buddy you aren’t alone here.

Basically, Ricing is “Making your Desktop Beautiful or good looking”. Many people even would not have heard of this term but yes something like this exists. And many people do ricing for keeping their system look clean and tidy. Also if you feel like ricing as a waste of time or non-sense thing, then I should ask you this.

“Why Do you clean your house and make it look good?”

These things relate with each other (if you don’t then think upon it).

Am myself not a ricing expert and am here at this topic just for some beginner friends. A Rice is a term used to describe a person’s Unix desktop look.

If you want to look upon some examples of ricing you can have a look at r/unixporn on reddit. It has 100’s of rice’s uploaded by some Unix/Linux user’s.

How Do I Get started with Ricing?
Well, If you want to get started in ricing then you just need some command line knowledge and of course a Linux system installed. And as always I again say,“Thing’s can be learnt better with experiencing them”.

**Is a Window Manager compulsory for Ricing?"
A window manager is just a window manager which handles the placement or appearance of the windows. So, the beauty you see in different rices isn’t actually the window manager. The things which make the rice beautiful are mostly the cli programs used.

There are two types of window manager’s:-
• Tiling Window Manager
• Floating Window Manager

Some examples of window manager’s are i3-gaps, Bspwm, Awesomewm, OpenBox, herbsluftwm, xfwm4 and etc…

What are the things which make a rice look beautiful?
This is most important question here. This varies on the user whether he wants more bling in his system or a normal good looking system.
There are a ton of programs for doing that. We’ll get to those thing’s in points.

A Color Scheme:
Can say this as a important part of your rice. A Color Scheme is a
Simple Color palette which is applied in your terminal your bar and
all the other things you use. For example [Dracula Theme] (https://draculatheme.com), Nord Theme or
gruvbox etc.

A compositor manages the aesthetic in a window manager. Like the
cool looking blue effect or round corners or terminal transparency.
All these things are handled by a compositor.

CLI or GUI Programs:
Cli Programs are must in a rice. They can be anything like
ranger(Cli based file manager or neofetch(very common to linux
users) or Shell-Color-Scripts. All these programs make the window
manager look good

Bar’s :
Of course everyone needs to have a look at the time when working
and on a system. So, We also may need a status bar for that. It can
be Polybar, Tint2, Lemonbar, yabar(For Mac) and etc… Polybar is
the most used bar program.

You .config folder
A point to remember here is all the configurations files in your
Linux system are stored at .config in you home folder and all
the Desktop Environment and the Window Manager configurations are
stored here.

Some Important Links


And all the other people who think that it is a waste of time then they are free to consider that at last everyone has different views and thought’s :).

All the user’s who are reading blog or are already Doing ricing can post there setups here in our forum itself. Also you should mention the Window Manager name, and All the cli or bar programs used in the rice.


i think ricing to be waste of time flavor and taste change from time to time for a person… so i think one should let things go with the flow… like give 10 to 15 minutes for basic setup and let things set by time accordingly

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Terminal Emulator : Kitty
bar : Polybar
Programs used : Dmenu, Cava, Rfetch, Ranger and Picom.

Link to Git Repo: GitHub - Mangeshrex/dotfiles: My Window Manager configuration files repository.
Link to Rfetch Repo: GitHub - Mangeshrex/rxfetch: A custom system info fetching tool


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I dunno… I am utilitarian about my setup. The simple fact that I set up and use a whole new environment for each project or job means I would end up wasting hundreds of hours in the initial “set up” phase of things. If a setting annoys me, I will hunt it down, and kill it. But generally I let the fine folks that maintain the distributions make decisions for me, as I am usually using a distro that is built and maintained by people like me.

I mean, I will swap out a background, drop the GUI to dark mode, and do a bit of moving for UI elements. But I keep this configuring at an all time low. Hell, I would say 90% of the Linux boxes I use are pure CLI/terminal. So… fancy text colors? I dunno.

Now, all that said, if you get a good config going, I know how awesome it can be to have everything in the “right” place, so if it helps productivity, go for it.

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agreed…also this is kinda addictive… excess doing can lead to time wastage that i have faced…and now i can control but tbh things like gnome kde and xfce or even mate seems weird and dont feel like using it or keeping it my sys…cause now its like a habbit for me.