Why Linux is Better for Cybersecurity and IT?

So, Now Getting to our most important topic:

"Why Linux is Better for Cybersecurity and IT "

As told in the previous blogs that

Linux is stable, secure, productive, etc. All those reasons apply here too.

Talking about a Hacker he needs more tools for Password Cracking, Information Gathering, Being Anonymous. He can also get those in windows or Mac but the thing everyone suggests is that Linux is secure. There are very few cases where a Linux System is hacked.

For ex. There is a guy who wants to get into cybersecurity. So wherever he searches for β€œHow to be a Cybersecurity Professional” or something else, he for sure will come to know about Linux. Everyone just promotes Linux if anyone has the will to learn to hack.

Now you Might say β€œCant windows do that?”.

β—‹ Yeah, Windows also can do that but Linux was mostly developed for CLI usage.

This provides a hacker to move around everywhere in his system and can customize it a lot. Windows was only made for a clean user-friendly purpose. Also, u can’t navigate in windows’ important folders. It isn’t the same in Linux You can access every single folder in your system. The whole control over your system is in your own hands.

β—‹ The powerful command Line (your terminal) is a powerful utility in a Linux system.

Basically, you can do anything here in your terminal you can navigate directories, change files, make new files, edit files, copy files to another location. A budding hacker should learn this.

β—‹ The Linux Package Manager provides you easy installation features.

For example, you want to install Nmap in your windows system. For that, you need to open your web browser and get your tool from there. But in Linux, it’s like open your terminal >> run Sudo apt install nmap. This is the easiest way to do that. No Browser and no other stuff.

β—‹ Your Linux System Transparency matter’s a lot while hacking into systems you surely would not wish to get caught.

For that, you need to know everything about your system and anonymize it while performing attacks. You can tool like proxy chains or anonsurf to anonymize yourself on the Internet. And Microsoft didn’t give users the whole control on their system.

β—‹ Window’s or Mac isn’t Free for user’s you need to pay for their maintenance usage.

But in Linux, it’s like β€œBreak your system and Fix your system”. Both the Maintenance and Installation thing is with you. Do you need another distro? Go to your browser and get the iso and install that. And even it breaks, Linux has a huge community that can help you sought out your errors.

Now talk on to what a Budding Hacker/Cybersecurity student should get to learn Hacking.

So you might have heard that β€œInstall kali and you can do hacking”. It’s totally wrong. Kali Linux is a very robust Operating System filled with hacking tools which count up to 600, same with Parrot OS. You need to learn the basics of the Linux terminal first to learn to hack. Cause as said earlier navigating directories, installing packages from the terminal, all these things need practice and knowledge about the terminal. So you can get a user-friendly distro to learn all these basics things. That distro might be Ubuntu/LinuxMint/Debian or anything.

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