YAWR (Yet another Wother™ Rant)

Everyone wants the easy path, the tutorial, the walkthrough, the “degree” that will get you into the industry. But that isn’t how this works, at all.

In the U.S. (where I live, and where I have the most statistics) there are something like 880,000 unfilled security positions that are open. Of those, 300,000 are considered critical, like “need to be filled yesterday” critical.

This is a unique situation. We need security minded people. That is not “people with security certs” or “people with degrees that call themselves security people” but rather, people with a security mindset.

What is a security mindset? I’ve explained it before.

We do not need certifications. We need the mindset. We need well spoken nerds that are paranoid about data. We need curious minds. We need people that do not ask for a tutorial, or course, but that read everything. No videos, no walkthroughs. Curious technoenthusiasts. “Hacker” is not a word we use. Because it is what you ARE. But only curious. Only motivated.